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Mark Hulbert

Mark Hulbert

President and Founder

Founder of the Hulbert Financial Digest and senior columnist for MarketWatch.

Mark Hulbert knows which investment strategies are working, and—just as importantly—which are not. In fact, he’s dedicated his career—since 1980—to rigorously tracking the real-world performance of investment advisory newsletters.

He shares the fruits of his four decades of labor at this website. Short-term traders will find scoreboards ranking advisers and strategies for recent performance, while long-term investors will find rankings covering performance over the very long term.

Contrarians also can benefit from Mark’s monitoring of advisers. His enormous database of advisers’ buy and sell recommendations have enabled him and his staff to construct several different sentiment indices, which—just as contrarian analysis has always believed would be the case—are inversely correlated with the market’s subsequent short-term direction.